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Building an Ember app with Ember Appkit for Rails - Part 1

18 January 2014

Last January, Brian Carderealla of Dockyard, wrote up a great series of posts on building an Ember app with RailsAPI. Since that time, Brian and others have been hard at work building out EmberAppkitRails.

In this post, I will use Brian’s series of posts as a guideline for producing a similar Ember application, utilizing Ember Appkit for Rails. I don’t want to speak on Brian’s behalf, but I am pretty sure he would agree that Ember Appkit for Rails is the way to go at this time for building an Ember app utilizing a Rails backend.

Follow along with me as we build out the start of an application for tracking books that you have read, or may want to read. Think of a simplified version of Goodreads.

Let’s begin: ruby rails new books

Open up Gemfile in your editor of choice. Add the following: ruby gem 'ember-appkit-rails'

Bootstrap ember ruby rails g ember:bootstrap

Start your rails server rails s

At this point, rails should start up a server on your local machine. Navigate to http://localhost:3000 and you should see Welcome to Ember!.

We are off and running with an Ember/Rails stack and ready to start building out more of the books app itself, that will be covered in Part 2.